Wepwawet: The Black Wolf - Ancient Egyptian Deity of War and Death Silver Pendant
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Wepwawet: The Black Wolf. Ancient Egyptian Deith o
Wepwawet - Deity of War and Death - Sterling Silver Pendant
Size: 1.00" (l) x 0.75"(w)
Weight: 2.70 gms
In general Wepwawet was represented as a black wolf or jackal and was carried on a standard in processions. As the 'Path Opener' he  was carried at the head of the royal procession in ceremonies. He guaranteed victory by going into battle at the front. He was identified as a war god by a club and bow. Uniting both aspects he also preeded the god Osiris in order to clear all obstacles from the path. The form of Wepwawet is therefore also found in paintings in burial chambers in which he is carried before the body in the procession. He was later placed on a standard where he would keep watch over the deceased.
The main site of the cult of this god was the city of Assiut which was later renamed Lycopolis by the Greeks who borrowed from the wolf-like form of the god.
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