Tutankhamun Silver Pendant inlaid with Turquoise Hallmarked)
Price: £ 40.50
Tutankhamun .925 Silver Pendant inlaid with Turquoise (the Stone of Abundance)
Weight: 8.4gms
Size: 1.0"(w)(at widest point x 1.5"(l)(including bale)
Metal Purity: .925 Silver
The young king took office at the age of 8. His pedigree has now been clarified with certainty that his father was Akhenaton. He then changed his birth name from Tutankhaton  to Tutankhamun which means the living image of Amun. During his reign many monumental structures were erected, restoration work was finished together with unfinished projects. He also changed the religion back to worshipping many gods after his father had been the first monotheistic pharoah - worshipping only one god.
The king died at a very young age and his fame is basically due to Howard Carter excavating his tomb and finding the fabulous Death Mask which is on show at the Cairo Museum.
All my silver Egyptian jewellery is truly authentic. I purchase it directly from manufacturers in Cairo and choose each item individually and with great  care.
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