Tree of Life, Ancient Egyptian Symbol of Fertility, Silver Pendant
Price: £ 15.50
Tree of Life Silver Pendant
Tree of Life - Ancien tEgyptian Fertility Symbol - Sterling Silver Pendant
Weight: 2.00 gms
Si\e of Tree of Life Symbol: 1.00" (with finding 1.25")
A lovely pendant depicting the Tree of Life (which has many different meanings in different cultures). In the Egyptian culture it was seen as a date palm, with its radiating crown, and was considered to be associated with the sun and as the sacred tree of Ra. The goddess Hathor was sometimes called 'the lady of the date palm'.
Sycamore and date palms enjoyed special honour in the Nile Valley as trees of life and were associated with both Thoth - the god of magic, writing and learning and the fertility god Min.
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Tree of Life, Ancien tEgyptian Symbol of Fertility
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