Taweret, the Hippopatamus god carved in Black Basalt
Price: £ 65.00
Taweret: The Protective Demon of Pregnant women hand carved in Black Basalt.
Size: 10.5"(h) x 8"(circ) at widest point. She is standing on a plinth which is 3" square
Weight: 1.209kgs
The goddess Taweret was a mixture of a female hippopotamus and a crocodile. However in this carving the carver has chosen to show her as a Hippo with Isis standing in front of her. She has been provided with human arms. Taweret arose from the folk belief of the simple people and it is therefore found less often in the representations of the temples. The field of activity of this protective goddess related mainly to the family environment, especially to pregnancy, birth and labour.
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