Sekhmet Silver Earrings (inlaid with Turquoise)(Hallmarked)
Price: £ 26.50
A pair of Sekhmet .925 Silver Earrings (inlaid with Turquoise))(Hallmarked). Turquoise is known as 'the stone of Abundance'. Sekhmet was known in ancient times as the goddess of war and destruction.
Weight: 5.7gms
Size: Actual Sekhmet - 0.5" (with finding 1.5") x 0.5" (w). The finding is attached to the actual Sekhmet with a Lotus Flower.
Metal Purity: .925 Silver
Country of Origin: Egypt
Theme: Protection/Magic/Healing
The lion goddess Sekhmet was the wife of Ptah. She appeared in the form of a lion or of a woman with the head of a lion. Sekhmet whose name means 'powerful one' accompanied the ruler (of the time) into war and at times was even called the 'mother of the ruler'. In her furious aspect she was even superior to the followers of Set and the Apophis snake. Her weapons were the hot desert wind and arrows which she shot into the hearts of her enemies. In this way Sekhmet also became the fire-breathing Uraeus and the Eye of Ra. In her infinite fury she also spread fear and fright through disease and plagues. If her wrath could be appeased she became full of magic and bore the additional name Werethekay. In this characteristic she used her power for healing and in this way also accelerated the restoration of order into the kingdom. For this reason physicians were also called 'priests of Sekhmet'. Sekhmet was worshipped in Memphis as the wife of Ptah and mother of their son Nefertem.
All my silver Egyptian jewellery is truly authentic. I purchase it directly  from manufacturers in Cairo and it is all hallmarked.
Any questions and/or queries do please contact me and I will gladly reply.
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