Scarab Silver Pendant inlaid with Lapis, Turquoise & Red Coral (Hallmarked)(Intaglio Design)
Price: £ 56.50
A Lovely Simple .925 Silver Scarab Pendant (intaglio design) inside a Royal Cartouche (Hallmarked)
Size: 1.75"(l) (with bale 2.0") x 0.75"(w)
Weight: 10.6gms
Metal: .925 Silvre
Country of Origin: Egypt
Theme: Luck/Money/Protection/Magic
This Scarab pendant is inlaid with Turquoise - the stone of abundance; Red Coral - 'the stone of happiness and joy' and Lapis Lazuli - the stone of protection.
The Scarab is inlaid into the form of a Royal Cartouche or Royal Ring. The oval shape of the cartouche developed from the circular royal ring as it was better suited to accept numerous written signs. As magic amulets cartouches had the task of protecting the king.
The Scarab is the symbol of the renewal of life. The dung beetle can be an amulet. The Ancient Egyptians saw in the dung ball- which these beetles tirelessly roll along the ground in front of them - the image of the sun disc and a manifestation of Khepher the god of the rising sun. They assued that only male animals existed in this species since its descendants came forth from a dung heap as if by a miracle without conception. It therefore became the symbol of the master world-builder who was formed from himself. The Scarab was also considered to be an aspect of the god of creation Atun and the sun god Ra. Its powerful amulet was buried with the deceased as a symbo of new life and placed in the position of the heart.
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