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Palette of Narmer Silver Pendant (Hallmarked)
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Exquisite Palette of Narmer Silver Pendant
Size: 0.75"(l)(with bale 1.00") x 0.5"(w) at widest point.
Weight: 6.8gms (approx)
Metal Purity. .925 Silver
Theme: Pharonic
An exquisite silver pendant - a replica of the Narmer Palette - the original of which is in the Cairo Museum. This was a significant Egyptian archeological find dating back to the 31st Century BC - containing some of the earliest heiroglyphic inscriptions ever found. It is thought by some to depict the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt under King Narmer. On one side the king is depicted with the bulbed White Crown of Upper Egypt and the other with the level Red Crown of Lower Egypt. The Narmer Palette provides one of the earliest known depictions of an Egyptian King and has been referred to as 'the first historical document in the world'.
A lovely pendant. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me and I will, of course, reply.
Thank you for looking.
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