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Nekhebet Silver Pendant (the Vulture Goddess) (Hallmarked)
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Nekhbet, the Vulture Goddess .925 Silver Pendant (Hallmarked)
Weight: 4.7gms
Size: 1.50"(w) x 1.25"(with bale) (l)
Nekhebet was the Egyptian protective , white vulture, winged goddess who featured in the ancient Pyramid texts and in the Book of the Dead. She was strongly connected with funeral imagery and the cult of Osiris and was believed to have been present at the birth of Orisis. She was the guardian and protector of the pharaoh and of the non-royal deceased. As a protective winged goddess she was often represented as a vulture extending one  wing to the front flying above the person she is protecting and the other wing pointed to the ground as protector of the deceased. Her connection with childbirth continues as she was the patron deity of childbirth. Nekhebet was often depicted perching on top of a circular object or carrying one in her claws. This object was shown as the round Shen ring. Anything inside this Shen ring was eternally protected as it was a symbol of divine power. Another of her symbols was the Lotus flower which symbolised the sun, creation, rebirth and regeneration - it also represented Upper Egypt. Nekhebet as a goddess of the heavens was associated with both the moon the the sun when she was called the 'Eye of Ra'.
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