Ancient Egyptian Goddess Nekhebet, Vulture Goddess, Land Goddess of Upper Egypt, Goddess of Birth ,Mythical mother of the King Silver Amulet on a leather bracelet
Price: £ 74.00
A beautiful Nekhebet .925 Silver amulet mounted on a leather and silver bracelet. (This is a new design which I hope is going to prove to be popular)
Size of Bracelet: 7.5"
Size of Nekhbet : 1.75"(w) x 0.5"(d)
Weight: 14.0gms
Metal Purity: .925 Silver
Country of Origin: Egypt
Theme: Protection (in the New Kingdom she was prayed to by the simple people as the goddess of childbirth).
Land Goddess of Upper Egypt: Nekhebet.
The vulture goddess Nekhebet was originaly worshipped in the Upper Egyptian locality Elkab. After the unification with the neighbouring city of Neken it became the capital of Upper Egypt and she became the protectress of the land. The vulture became the symbolic animal of this half of the land whilst Lower Egypt was represented by the snake of the goddess Buto. Both protective goddesses can sometimes be viewed also as the mythical mother of the king.
In royal heraldry Nekhebet ws mainly seen in her vulture form and her image was worn by the queens in the shape of teh vulture headdress as a crown. The uraeus snake of the royal crown represented her counterpart here as well.
Her claws are shown as shen rings. The shen ring ws the hieroglyphic for eternity and was often worn by divine animals such as the hawk, vulture for example. People also likeed to wear this sign of the eternal cycle as an amulet for protection against disease and disaster.
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