Nekhebet, Ancient Egyptian Vulture Goddess; Goddess of Birth Silver Pendant
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Nekhebet, Ancient Egyptian Vulture Goddess
Nekhebet - the Vulture Goddess - The Land Goddess of Upper Egypt. Silver Pendant.
Size: 1.00"(l) x 1.5"(w)
Weight: 5.1 gms
The vulture goddess, Nekhebet, was originally worshipped in the Upper Egyptian locality Elkab. After the unification with the neighbouring city of Neken to become the capital of UpperEgypt she became the protectress of the land. The vulture became the symbolic animal of this half of the land whilst Lower Egypt was represented by the snake of the goddess Buto. Both were protective goddesses and were sometimes seen as the mythical mother of the king.
In royal heraldry Nekhebet was mainly seen in her vulture form - her image was worn by the queens in the shape of the vulture headdress as a crown.
In the New Kingdom and in later times the people prayed to this goddess as the goddess of birth.
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