Nefertiti Silver Earrings inlaid with Lapis Lazuli, Red Coral and Turquoise (Hallmarked)
Price: £ 29.50
A lovely pair of Nefertiti .925 silver earrings inlaid with Lapis Lazuli, Red Coral and Turquoise (Hallmarked) The findings attaching the earring to the ear is a new design of stud fastenings, rather than the leverback ones, which we are trying after many requests so to do. The finding is further enhanced by having a Lotus Flower as its front piece.
Size: Actual Nefertiti: 0.50"(l) x 0.25"(w) With the Lotus Flower finding it is 1.50"(l)
Lapis Lazuli is known as 'the stone of protection'.
Turquoise is known as 'the stone of abundance'
Red Coral is known as 'the stone of happiness and joy'.
Queen Nefertiti was the wife of the revolutionary king Amenhotep IV who later entered history as Akhenaton.. Akhenaton was also the father of Tutankhamun but Nefertiti was not his mother. Nefertiti bore Akhenaton 6 daughters and it is thought that his sister was the mother of Tutankhamun. The couple were married in their youth and Nefertiti embodied the image of a woman who helped her husband to fame and respect by purposely staying in the background. The couple then implemented the revolutionary idea of the single highest god who was worshipped in the form of an abstract sun disc.(This can be seen in the famous Palette of Akhenaton).
The date of Nefertiti's death is unknown as she mysteriously disappeared after the 13th year of her marriage. There is a school of thought today (still to be verified) that her tomb is behind that of Tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings.
All my silver Egyptian jewellery is truly authentic. It is made in a fabrique that I work with in Cairo and it is all hallmarked.
Any questions and/or queries do please contact me and I will gladly reply.
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