Ma'at Silver Pendant (Protectress of the Cosmic Order)(Hallmarked)
Price: £ 33.50
Ma'at .925 Silver Pendant (Hallmarked)
Size: 2.0"(l) (including bale) x 0.5"(w) at the widest point.
Weight: 7.4gms
Metal Purity: .925 Silver
Theme: Protection
As with most of the human shaped deities of Egypt, the goddess Ma'at also involves an abstraction. She represents an embodiment of the cosmic order to which the gods, the kings and the people were subject. Since she was responsible for the cyclic nature of life, no existence was conceivable without her actions.
The judge of tehe state was, at the same time, the priest of Ma'at since she embodied the seat of being, right, truth and the world order. Her symbol of truth was the feather, as an expression of lightness, including proper and correct behaviour. Thus the heart of a person should also not weigh more than a feather on the scale of the divine court.
The cult of the goddess Ma'at related primarily to the standards and laws of the Egyptian society and controlled the relationships between pharaohs and subjects. Thus the king rewarded obedience by his subjects and had to assure a harmonious relationship to the gods through fulfillment of his religious duties. In this was he supported the gods in their tasks of maintaining the cosmic balance on which both the existence of the deities and also that of the people depended.
All my silver Egyptian jewellery is truly authentic as I purchase it diriectly from manufacturers in Cairo. It is all hallmarked.
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