Lotus Flower Silver Pendant
Price: £ 15.50
Dainty Lotus Flower & Bud .925 Silver Pendant. Hal
A very dainty .925 silver Lotus Flower pendant.
Weight: 2.5gms
Size: 0.75"(l)(with bale 1.0")
Pendant Shape: Lotus Flower with bud
Theme: Love & Beauty
Country of Origin: Egypt
The Ancient Egyptian beliefs revolved around the sun and the Lotus Flower had great significance to them. The beautiful flower opens during the day and, at night, sinks beneath the water only to climb back again the next day to meet the morning sun.
The Lotus Flower also symbolises the journey of birth and death every day with the cycle of the sun and moon. It also represents the struggles we all must go through emerging stronger and more graceful looking up to limitless skies - similar to the Phoenix arising out of the ashes.
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