Isis Silver Pendant (with open arms kneeling on the sun symbol) (Hallmarked)(Magic/Protection)
Price: £ 22.50
Lovely Isis with open arms kneeling on the sun symbol .925 silver pendant (Hallmarked)
Weight: 4.7gms
Size: 1.00"(d) x 1.5"(w)
Metal: .925 Silver
Theme: Magic/Protection/Motherhood
The name Isis is identical with the name for 'throne'. Originally she was considered to be the symbolic mother of all kings and the embodiment of the occupant of the throne. She was the wife, and sister, of Osiris and gave birth to their son Horus. She protected him and also human children from predators and other dangers. Isis was also considered to be full of magic since she blew new life into the dead Osiris.
The symbol of the sun, upon which she is kneeling, in ancient times, was the representation of the sky with the two outspread wings. with the addition of the sun disc in the Fifth Dynasty the sign became a sun symbol. The winged sun involves a symbol of royal protection. recognisable from the two ureaus snakes coiled around the sun disc. The Uraaeus, or cobra, is yet another form of Isis as when Horus was born Isis took him into the Nile Delta, changed her form into a cobra, thus protecting him from Set who, if he had found him, would have surely murdered him.
All my silver Egyptian jewellery is truly authentic. I purchase it in Cairo directly from manufacturers and choose each item individually and very carefully. It is all hallmarked.
Any questions and/or queries do please contact me and I will, of course, reply.
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