Horus, stunning carving in Black Basalt with the Bulbed Crown of Upper Egypt
Price: £ 55.00
Stunning Horus Statue - hand carved in Black Basalt
Lovely carving in Black Basalt with the Bulbed Crown on Upper Egypt on his head.
Size: 22cms(h) x 12.0cms(d) x 5.0cms(w) (base)
A truly stunning hand carved Horus statue in Black Basalt - standing on his perch. Horus is one of the oldest and most significant deities in the Ancient Egyptian religion. He is most often depicted as a falcon, a man with a falcon's head or just as a falcon's head.
Horus was the son of Isis and Osiris who battled with Set - his uncle (the brother of Osiris and Isis) for the throne of Egypt. The battle was very long and bloody and in the end the gods had to finally intervene They awarded victory to Horus who was then chosen to be the ruler of the world of the living.
All my carvings are truly authentic and hand carved by artisans at Deir el Medina on the West Bank of the Nile.
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