Horus, Habi & Tutankhamun Cartouche Silver Pendant (Hallmarked)
Price: £ 16.50
An intricate .925 pendant depicting Horus, as a falcon, the cartouche of Tutankhamun's birth name and Hapi - god of the Nile.
Size 1.0"(l)(with bale) x 1.0"(at the widest point tapering to 0.5")
Weight: 2.9gms
Metal purity: .925 Silver
Country of Origin: Egypt
Theme: Protection/Fertility
Horus, in this pendant, is depicted as a falcon which, in ancient times, was worshipped throughout the land as a divine manifestation of Ra - hence the sun disc on his head. Its lust for battle and flying ability made the falcon become the king of the gods. The various local deities were merged into the trans-regional Horus - the falcon or sky hawk. He symbolised the sky. The sun and the moon were his eyes. He combined the characteristics of a sky god with those of a dynasty god and founder of the Egyptian Kingdom. Thus the pharaoh was an incarnation of Horus and embodied an aspect of this god. The sign for 'king' shows a hawk in a rectangle which symbolises the palace walls.
The cartouche of Tutankhamun can be recognised by the sun symbol which designated him to be the son of Ra.
Hapi was the god of the annual flooding of the Nile. Since the flooding provided fertile soil in an area that was otherwise desert he symbolised fertility. He was also considered to be a friend of Geb - the Egyptian god of the earth and the 'lord of Neper' the god of grain.
All my silver Egyptian jewellery is truly authentic. I purchase it directly from manufacturers in Cairo and I choose each item individually and with great care. It is all hallmarked.
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