Feather of Ma'at Ancient Egyptian Symbol - Cosmic Balance Silver Pendant
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Feather of Ma'at Silver Pendant
Feather of Ma'at Silver Pendant
Weight: 2.9 gms
Size: Actual Feather 1.00" (with finding 1.50")
The hieroglyph for 'feather'  can also have the phonetic value 'mzct' which means truth and justice. In its form the hieroglyph corresponds to a white ostrich feather which was generally assigned  to lightness and weightlessness and thus also symbolised the element air.
It is also the sign for the goddess Ma'at who regulated the cosmic balance and the relationships between gods and humans.
Maintaining reasonable cosmic harmony was then considered the highest obligation of the king who had to implement the divine rules in practice in his kingdom. The symbol is also found often in grave inscriptions in connection with the god Anubis who holds a balance. On one side there is the heart of the dead person and, on the otherside, a feather. In this case the feather is equated with the lightness of a pure heart with truth.
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