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Cobra (Uraeus) Silver Ring (Hallmarked) (Large)
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Cobra (Uraeus) .925 Silver Ring (Hallmarked)
Weight: 6.0gms
Size: M & N1/2 (when purchasing please specify which size you require)
The physical size of the Cobra from head to tail is 1.0" (upright)
Both the god Ra and the pharaohs wore a threateningly erect cobra on their foreheads as protection against enemies.
This symbol, called the Uraeus Snake, was the flaming eye of the god which destroyed enemies through the power of fire. The cobra was also considered to be a symbol of the Goddess Buto and it was also associated with other goddesses as well. She settled onto the head of the king in the form of the Uraeus. Later in the pharonic kingdom the fire-breathing cobra was described as the fiery sun eye of Ra. through its close relationship with the sun god Ra the cobra became the heraldic animal of Lower Egypt.
In the texts of the Egyptian Book of the Dead the snake's ability to become young and to be reborn each day is also mentioned 'I am a snake with many years I go through the night and am born again every day. I am a snake to the ends of the earth; I go through the night and am born again renewed and rejuvenated day after day'.
The cobra is also associated with Isis as when she hid her new born son Horus in the reeds of the Nile she changed herself into a cobra to defend him from Set who was looking for him to kill him.
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This is a new design from the fabrique in Cairo
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