Bee Silver Pendant 'Ra'sTears Silver Pendant
Price: £ 25.50
Bee Silver Pendant
A Lovely Delicate Silver Bee Pendant.
Size of Bee: 1.25"(w) x 1.25"(d)(approx with Bale)
Weight: 2.5 gms
In the extensive region of the Nile Delta bee culture had been carried out since the third millennium before Christ.
According to one papyrus the beekeeper called the bees with a reed flute when he wanted them to swarm.
A myth tells that once upon a time the tears wept by the Sun God Ra changed into bees - that is why representations of bees can be found in the temples of this god. The royal names of the early dynasties of Lower Egypt preferred the additional name of 'Bee Prince'. In later times the pharaohs received the title 'n(y)-swt-bit' - he who belongs to the reeds and the bees'. The reed was considered to be the symbol of Upper Egypt. In general bees were associated with the divine ancestral king and accordingly the main temple of the war goddess Neith in Sais was also called the 'Palace of the Bees'.
The hieroglyphic written sign for Bee is 'bit' and was the first written symbol for Ancient Egypt.
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