Bastet Cat (in styalised form) Ancient Egyptian Protection Amulet Silver Pendant
Price: £ 19.50
Bastet Cat Silver Pendant
Bastet Cat (styalised form) silver pendant
Weight: 3.00 gms
Size: 1.00" (l) (with finding 1.5") x  1.00"(w)(at the widest part).
The Goddess in Cat Form - Bastet.
In the delta city Bubastis, the cat goddess, Bastet was worshipped since the Old Kingdom as a gentle form of the lion-headed goddess Sekhmet. Her sacred animal was the tan coloued cat. Bastet was considered to be the mother of the lion god Miysis who had the title 'lord of the massacre'. It was therefore forbidden to go hunting for lions on the feast day of this god.
Bastet finally became the positive half of the being Sekhmet. From this time on Bastet appeared as a female figure with the head of a cat or in the form of a sitting cat. From then on it governed the woman's pleasant, somestic sphere including love and happiness.
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