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Anubis White Basalt Carving (Small)
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Anubis White Basalt Carving (small)
Size: 9"(H) x  Base: 3.0"(l) x 2"(w)
Material: White Basalt
Weight: 393gms
A very nice White Basalt carving of Anubis.
In Ancient Egypt the Jackal was often hated because of its shadow at graves. People hoped to be able to put an end to its activities by making it a god thus Anubis, the god of death, had the form or a dog or jackal. Anubis in this carving is shown as the protective god of mummies in human form with the head of a god. Originally Anubis was the protector of mummies against evil power but in later times, when Osiris also functioned as god of the dead, he became a servant and from then on performed the weighting of the heart ceremony, against the feather (Ma'at) at the court of the dead.
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