Anubis Statue (Large) Carved in White Basalt
Price: £ 48.00
Anubis - God of Death and Watcher of Mummies
Size:  11" (h) x4"(d) x 2.5"(d)(at base)
Material: White Basalt
Weight: 1.03Kgs
A lovely carving of Anubis - God of Mummification.
In ancient Egypt the  jackal was often hated because of its shadow at graves. People hoped to be able to end its activities by making it a god - thus Anubis became the god of death and had the form of a dog of jackal. This carving shows Anubis, protective god of mummies in human form with the head of a god.  Originally Anubis was the protector of mummies against evil power. In later times, when Osiris also functioned as god of the dead, he became a servant and from then on performed the weighing of the heart ceremony, against the feather (Ma'at) at the court of the dead.
I have tried to show this carving as much as possible with the photographs. Any further questions and/or queries do please contact me and I will, of course, reply.
Thank you for looking.
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