Ankh Silver Ring - Protection Amulet
Price: £ 16.50
Ankh Sterling Silver Ring
A Delicate Ankh Sterling Silver Ring
Sizes: L, P and P 1/2
Size of Ankh Frontpiece: 0.50" x 0.50"
A lovely, delicate Ankh Silver Ring.
Since Ancient Egyptian times the Ankh has been the symbol of eternal life both in this world and the otherworld. It is connected with  tradition in modern times in that it was adopted as the cross of the CopticChristians in Egypt. In many representations the gods are holding an Ankh in their hand or extending it to people. This involves the breath of life made visible and, to some extent, the divine spark through which life can first come into being. It further embodies the life-giving characteristics of the elements air and water. Its origin is not really known but it may involve a magical knot.
Another interpretation sees it as a combination of the T-shaped Osiris cross and the oval of Isis as the key that locks away the secrets of life.
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