Ankh Silver Pendant inlaid with Lapis, Red Coral & Turquoise (Hallmarked)
Price: £ 25.50
A Lovely Simple Silver Ankh Pendant (intaglio design) inside a Royal Cartouche (Hallmarked) inlaid with Lapis, Red Coral and Turquoise.
Size: 1"(l)(with bale 1.25") x 0.50"(w)
Weight: 5.0gms
Metal purity: .925 Silver
Theme: Pharonic/Protection/Luck
The Ankh pendant is inlaid with Lapis Lazuli known as 'the stone of protection': Turquoise - known as 'the stone of abundance' and Red Coral - known as the 'stone of happiness and joy'.
The Royal Cartouche or royal ring was originally made from knotted rope and symbolised the cosmos 'that which encircles the sun'. The oval shape of the cartouche developed from the circular royal ring. It was better suited to accept numerous written signs. As magic amulets cartouches had the task of protecting the king.
The Ankh - since Ancient Egyptian times has been the symbol of eternal life both in this world and the otherworld. In many representations the gods are holding an ankh in their hand or extending it to people. This involves the breath of life made visible, to some extent, by the divine spark - through which life can first come into being. It is known as 'the key of life'; 'the key of the Nile' (the Nile is the life-blood of Egypt) or the Crux Ansata (Latin meaning a 'cross with a handle'). The translation of the hieroglyphic means simply 'life'.
I purchase all my silver Egyptian jewellery directly from manufacturers in Cairo. I choose each item individually and it is all hallmarked.
Any questions and/or queries do please contact me and I will, of course, reply.
Thank you for looking.
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