Ankh & Scarab Silver Earring with stud fastening (Hallmarked)
Price: £ 19.50
A very dainty pair of .925 Silver Ankh and Scarab drop earrings with a stud fastening. (This is a new product that we have just brought into the fabrique rather than the leverback).
Weight: 3.6gms
Size: Actual Ankh - 0.75"(l) with Lotus Flower finding 1.0" and 0.25"(w) at the widest point.
Since ancient Egyptian times the Ankh has been the symbol of eternal life both in this world and the otherworld. It is connected with tradition in modern times in that it was adopted as the cross of the Coptic Christians in Egypt.
In many representations the gods are holding an Ankh in their hand or extending it to people. This involves the breath of life made visible and, to some extent, the divine spark through which life can first come into being. It further embodies the life-giving characteristics of the elements air and water. Its origin is not really known but it may involve a magical knot. Another interpretation sees it as a combination of the T-shaped Osiris cross and the oval of Isis as the key that locks away the secrets of life.
The Scarab is also known as the Symbol of Renewal of Life. The dung beetle can be an amulet. The Egyptians saw in the dung ball, which these beetles tirelessly roll before them, the image of the sun disc which is also a manifestation of Khepher the god of the morning sun. They also assumed that only male animals exist in this species since its descendants came forth from a dung heap as if by a miracle and without conception. It therefore became a symbol of the master world-builder who was formed from himself. The Scarab was also considered to be an aspect of the god of creation Atun and the sun god. Its powerful amulet was buried with the deceased as a symbol of new life and placed in the position of the heart.
The :Lotus Flower is a living symbol of beauty and grace. In the Egyptian book of the Dead the sun god Ra as the 'youth who came forth from the Lotus'. This plant repersents a connection between the divine light and the chaotic darkness. For this reason it is a sign of hope and rebirth which goes very aptly with the meaning of the Ankh.
All my silver Egyptian jewellery is truly authentic. It comes from a fabrique that I work with in Cairo and it is all hallmarked.
Thank you for looking and should you have any questions and/or queries do please contact me and I will gladly reply.
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