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Akhenaton (Palette of) Silver Pendant (Hallmarked) (Large)
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The most lovely .925 silver pendant showing Akhenaton making offerings to Aton with Nefertiti standing behind him. (The original of this 'palette' is in the Cairo Museum).
Size:1.50(l)(with bale 1.75")  x 1.00"(w)(at widest point)
Weight: 11.2gms approx
Metal Purity: .925 silver
The most beautiful silver pendant showing Akhenaton making offerings. He was a revolutionary personality and the most disputed one in the history of Old Egypt - whilst in later times he is often titled 'bold spirit' and 'earnest idealist'. He was originally known as Amenhotep1V and was married to Nefertiti. His son was Tutankhamun but not by Nefertiti. He was the first historical leader to introduce a monotheistic religion and elevated Aton as the only god. Aton was worshiped in a stylized form as a sun disc whose rays often became arms and hands.The end of Akhenaton's reign is lost in the darkness of history and his burial place is still unknown today. After his reign there followed the rule of his son, Tutankhamun who reversed his father's reforms to a great extent.
All my silver Egyptian jewellery is truly authentic as I purchase it directly from manufacturers in Cairo. I choose each piece individually and with great care. It is all hallmarked.
Any questions and/or queries do please contact me and I will, of course, reply.
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