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Akhenaton Silver Pendant (Hallmarked)
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Size: 4.5cms(l) x 1.5cms(w)
Weight: 5.7gms(approx)
Metal Purity: .925 silver
The translation of the name Akhenaton means 'living spirit of Aten'. He was known before the fifth year of his reign at Amenhotep IV. He was a pharoah of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt who ruled for 17 years and died perhaps in 1336BC or 1334BC. He is especially noted for abandoning traditional Egyptian polytheism and introduced worship centered upon Aten. He tried to bring about a departure from traditinal religion yet, in the end, it was not accepted. After his death traditional religions practice ws gradually restored. He is best known for being the husband of Nefertiti and father of Tutankhamun (Nefertiti was not his mother as she bore him 6 girls and no sons). Interest increased with the discovery of the Valley of the Kings, near Luxor, of the tomb of King Tutankhamun - who has been proved to be Akhenaten's son according to DNA testing in 2010. The end of Akhenaton's reign is lost in the darkness of history and his burial place is till unknown to this day. After his reign there followed the rule of his son Tutamkhamun who reversed all his father's reforms to a great extent.
All of my silver Egyptian jewellery is truly authentic as I purchase it directly from manufacturers in Cairo. I hand pick each item with great care. It is all hallmarked.
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